My Wedding Dress

The search for my wedding dress was easy. My opinion on wedding dresses was to keep it simple and affordable and ACCESSORIZE it up!! I went to David’s Bridal with my mom and chose two of five dresses. Both were under $400….Perfect!! I went back a few times and decided on dress […]

Wedding DIY Invitations

I’ll be posting lots of pics from my wedding (courtesy of Christine Han Photography) but also sharing how my wedding came together. While researching weddings online and asking couples I know, I realized that couples have their opinions on what the most important parts of a wedding are and who should […]

Green Festival

My husband and I enjoyed the  Chicago Green Festival at Navy Pier. We were most interested in the aquaponics and hydroponics. However, I could not leave without buying a few tomato plants to grow in the home. This weekend turned out to be a great deal with our free admission, […]

Picasso Exhibit

Our adventure this past weekend was a visit to The Art Institute of Chicago. I would have never attended the exhibit myself. However, my husband’s crave for art and his extreme curiosity would not give up. Don’t get me wrong…Picasso’s art is one I appreciate. Most familiar to me is […]

It All Began with a Ring…

Hi there!! I wanted to start a blog for a few reasons… My first reason for starting a blog is to post our adventures and beautiful landmarks around Chicago. I was born and raised in the City of Chicago but quickly realized after I met my husband last year, I […]