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MommyCon Chicago 2015

I just registered for the Chicago MommyCon 2015on 2/21.  It’s my first ever and I’ll be bringing baby with me in our Ergo. Not only am I excited to see the my favorite products- Ergo, Beco, Arm’s Reach, Lullaby Earth, Milkies, and Babyganics but the workshops and seminars are a […]

Count Down to Closing……..

My husband and I are counting down to closing on our first home. We’ve had so many challenges purchasing this home. We’ve walked away multiple times and had to reschedule the closing date twice, not in any part of our doing. The current owner has lived here for 30+ years […]

Getting Ready for Baby

The nesting phase of my pregnancy is in full effect. However, our closing date has changed multiple times. We are now scheduled for June 20th closing. I’ve known for months we would not been staying in our current rental but didn’t know when we were moving. I definitely knew I […]

Prenatal Yoga

I take a prenatal yoga class once a week at Bloom’s Yoga Studio. They offer free two hour prenatal yoga on Sundays for student training. Every time I leave, I feel happy and hopeful. Being in a room with other expectant mothers who know what you are going though, gives […]

100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days Challenge I started this challenge on May 6th. I believe many people forget the simple things in life; to appreciate life; and neglect to be thankful everyday for what they have. Since starting this challenge, I am more aware of the people, places, and activities I do. […]

Picnic at Ravinia Park

Our adventure for this weekend brings us to Ravinia Park to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. I’ve been looking forward to this since the weather has been mild and I absolute enjoy the picnic setup and music. My husband and I usually purchase lawn seats for $17 each, […]

Chicago’s Lincoln Ave

Lincoln Ave. is a major street cutting through the heart of Chicago. In addition, it’s home to the most popular neighborhoods filled with shops, eateries, and a busy nightlife. It runs from Clark St. on the western border of Lincoln Park largely to the northwest, ending in Morton Grove, Illinois. It leaves the city limits of […]